Season 2

S2 EP43 // The Suit

We Talk with a BDSM Event Organizer and give more suggestions for managing sex related trauma. Enjoy our last episode on May 25th! Thank you and follow your hosts to see what we do next.

S2 EP 40 // Porn is the New Rock n Roll

We welcome comic and friend Eric Cash to discuss his time and experience loving and living with sex workers. If you like what you hear, we love tips + donations to đź–¤

S2 EP38 // Erectile Melee

Orchid and Elle talk about the eventual awkwardness of sex and go through Elle's library. Stay tuned for important updates regarding @unzippedpdx

S2 EP34 // Vegan Webcam

Trans woman and sex worker Audrey Aviva talks with Orchid and Elle about customers, cucumbers, and a life worth living. Support small business, buy local [porn].

S2 EP32 // The Art of Empathy

Orchid and Elle interview a man who is a social worker by day and a strip club security guard at night. Meet Sifu Rick in this week's episode.

S2 EP 26// Why did I cry in Yoga class?

Have you ever cried in yoga class or after sex? How do we talk about trauma that exists in our bodies from past events? Episode 26 features artist and healer Renee Stills. #unzippedpdx