Season 2

S2 EP32 // The Art of Empathy

Orchid and Elle interview a man who is a social worker by day and a strip club security guard at night. Meet Sifu Rick in this week's episode.

S2 EP 26// Why did I cry in Yoga class?

Have you ever cried in yoga class or after sex? How do we talk about trauma that exists in our bodies from past events? Episode 26 features artist and healer Renee Stills. #unzippedpdx

Happy New Queer 2018

Check out our pal @gimmeflair and have a great week as we take our break; we will return with more new episodes on January 12th.

S2 EP 25 // Arousal Non-concordance and Rape

Arousal Non-concordance explains why Elle gets wet while witnessing rape scenes in films even though she’s upset emotionally. We talk about the potential disconnection between mind + vagina, in this week’s episode.

S2 EP24 // Grindr Sucks in Egypt

Orchid and Elle welcome back a young gay guest, and talk about anxious and avoidant types of attachment. Listen on iTunes, SoundCloud, StitcherApp, or GooglePlay.