We are Unzipped PDX, a local podcast hosted by Portland strippers Elle Stanger and Orchid, and by sexuality counselor and licensed addictions therapist Buster Ross. We provide a sex positive, radically inclusive talk show for people of all genders, bodies, and tastes.

As a team we also regularly support crisis relief causes, charities, most notably Planned Parenthood - Columbia Willamette. And now, we are asking for your teamwork in building partnerships with local businesses, so that we may grow our audiences in tandem.

By donating to UnzippedPDX you help us to cover our production costs: we pay our editor a percentage, and we pay the platforms that host us: SquareSpace, iTunes, StitcherApp, and SoundCloud. Your donation allows us to produce our show, so that we can keep spreading sex-positive radicalism to all of the eager, open and willing ears that will have us inside of them.